About Us

IMPEX COLOR was established in 1998 thanks to the experience of its founder, Danilo Panizzo, matured over more than twenty years of work in the United Arab Emirates and through the realisation of very prestigious projects.

With its production characterised by the absence of toxicity, attentive to the traditional procedures and old formulations, but always at the forefront in the creation of new products and in the development of new technologies, for years IMPEX COLOR has distinguished itself as a firm capable of combining building quality with respect for the environment.

With its wide range of high quality products, in particular with its lime-based products (stuccoes, marmorino plaster, plasters, paints, etc.) of its Linea Antica, IMPEX COLOR has met with success in foreign markets with distributors and dealers in the Middle East, Europe, Eastern bloc countries, Australia and the U.S.A., covering walls of buildings, shopping centres, hotels, villas and shops both inside and out.

Its ability to supply architects and firms with products that satisfy the most advanced modern design requirements has allowed IMPEX COLOR to enter the United Arab Emirates market in particular where, thanks to specialised teams of applicators, it has carried out important projects, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Besides its Linea Antica, with the acrylic, siloxane and silicate lines, IMPEX COLOR offers its clientele an entire series of traditional products, including multiple possibilities for indoor and outdoor treatment, protection and decoration.

The firm's success is the fruit of serious work combined with qualities of great inventiveness and creativity, which are evident in its innovative and special show room.
IMPEX COLOR displays actual-size facades of houses on an area of approx. 300 sq.m. in different styles and finished with various products, allowing its clients to see different finishes applied on the wall so that they can better appreciate IMPEX COLOR products.
IMPEX COLOR also organises product application courses in its showroom to show applicators and dealers the various finishing techniques and the new products offered.